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There is a huge disparity between the mass of an 18-wheeler truck and a small passenger vehicle. Besides that, semi trucks are very wide, taking up a larger portion of the road than most other vehicles. For these and other reasons, truck accidents often result in fatal injuries — and the victims are often the drivers and passengers of cars and pickup trucks.

The San Antonio-based law firm of Tinsman & Sciano represents the families of those who have been fatally injured in truck accidents throughout Texas. To learn about ways to secure compensation after an accident, contact a fatal San Antonio truck accident lawyer from our firm by calling toll free at (877) 220-0867.

Causes of Fatal Truck Accidents

When you choose our firm to represent you after a truck accident, we will immediately begin investigating the accident to determine the cause and responsible party. Often, fatal truck accidents are caused by the following:

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Underride Accidents

An underride bar is designed to prevent a car from entering and becoming trapped in the open space under a semi truck. But when these bars are improperly installed, or fail to work correctly, the results can be catastrophic.

The attorneys at our firm are familiar with these types of 18 wheeler accidents, why they happen, and what legal options exist for accident victims. We will work to seek the compensation you deserve after losing a loved one in a fatal truck accident caused by a malfunctioning underride bar.

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