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A traumatic brain injury not only affects the injured individual, but his or her entire family as well. The victim of a traumatic brain injury often is left with incapacitating paralysis, with the need for long-term medical care and assistive medical devices, and with a markedly decreased ability to work and earn a living.

If you or a loved one has suffered a traumatic brain injury as a result of the negligence or wrongful conduct of another, talk to an attorney on the catastrophic injury team at Tinsman & Sciano, Inc., in San Antonio. We have been helping injured individuals secure full and fair compensation for more than 40 years. Our team of personal injury trial lawyers combines more than 155 years of courtroom experience, to bring you the most comprehensive, effective legal representation available.

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If a loved one in your family has suffered a serious head or brain injury in an accident in Texas, don't take anything for granted. Get the medical help you need, then talk to an experienced member of the catastrophic personal injury team at Tinsman & Sciano, Inc., in San Antonio. We are a leading, pre-eminent personal injury team in the San Antonio region and have been representing injured plaintiffs for more than 40 years. We are proud of our record of standing firm against major insurance companies and corporations responsible for paying damages to the victims of negligence.

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We will not represent insurance companies in personal injury claims. We only represent injured individuals and their families. We handle traumatic brain injury claims, concussions and other catastrophic injury cases on a contingency fee basis. You will be obligated to pay attorneys' fees for our services only in the event that you recover money as a result of a settlement or jury award. For more than 40 years we have recovered settlements and jury verdicts for our clients who have suffered personal injuries or the loss of loved ones as a result of:

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