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Construction projects continue to boom in communities throughout Texas. Construction costs can be high and property owners and developers look for every way possible to save money on their projects. Unfortunately, shortcuts on the construction site often turn into serious accidents that can result in catastrophic life-changing injuries and even death for workers on the construction site.

If you suffered an injury, or lost a loved one in an accident on a construction site in Texas, talk to a lawyer at the personal injury law firm of Tinsman & Sciano, Inc., in San Antonio right away. We have been protecting the rights of workers throughout Texas for more than 40 years. Under Texas law, employers are not required to participate in the Texas workers' compensation insurance program. Even if you are covered by workers' comp, the money you receive for lost earnings is often not enough to cover the full amount of financial damages you and your family are facing.

What Is a Third-Party Lawsuit?
Workers' injured on the job are entitled to seek money damages from the party or parties found to be responsible for the cause of the construction site accident and the extent of injuries and financial damages. Filing a claim against the responsible parties other than your employer is known as a third-party lawsuit. While workers' compensation pays for lost earnings and medical costs, a third-party lawsuit may seek significant damages for lifelong medical expenses, lost earnings potential over a lifetime, and pain and suffering.

Call us for a free consultation. We handle all construction site accident claims cases on a contingency fee basis. You will not pay attorneys fees if we cannot help you recover money in a settlement or jury award.

We represent injured construction workers in third-party claims for all types of construction site accidents in Texas, including:

  • Falls from defective ladders
  • Power tool injuries, table saw accidents, air hammer injuries
  • Head injuries from falling materials, equipment and products
  • Injuries from roof, wall and trench collapses
  • Forklift, hoist and crane injuries
  • Construction truck injuries
  • Scaffolding Accidents

Construction Accident Attorney

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