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Workplace accidents happen. Sometimes this is because the employer fails to provide a safe working environment. In other instances, it is because injured employees are not receiving the training they should receive. In still others, workers are injured because of malfunctioning workplace equipment.

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Industrial and Construction — Work-Related Accident

Some jobs are more dangerous than others, and it is not surprising that many of the most serious workplace injury claims involve the construction industry, the petrochemical industry, oil field work and heavy manufacturing.

Generally speaking, industrial and construction job site accidents are more often than not the responsibility of the employer. If there is no workers' compensation, then the only recourse for the employee is to file a lawsuit against the employer. However, a lawsuit against your employer is only permitted under Texas law when the employer does not have genuine workers' compensation insurance, or if the injury results in death.

If an industrial or construction accident was caused by a defective piece of equipment — an injured worker can pursue a products liability claim against the equipment's manufacturer.

Last, injured oil field and construction workers whose accidents were caused by negligence on the part of a different company's employee such as a subcontractor, vendor, or general contractor may have the right to seek compensation from that employer.

Compensation for Your Injuries and Other Losses

Individuals who are injured on the job may be entitled to benefits consisting of medical treatment, reimbursement of lost income, compensation for permanent disabilities and job retraining. It is important to have experienced legal representation on such cases since employers will typically dispute and challenge such cases.

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