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Large pharmaceutical companies are among the most powerful corporate entities in the world. No matter how much power they have in Congress, however, these companies can be held accountable for injuries and deaths caused by defective and unreasonably dangerous medications.

When the FDA determines that a prescription medication or a medical device is causing serious injuries or deaths, the FDA may order a recall of the offending medication or medical device. An FDA ordered recall or a manufacturer's voluntary recall does not absolve the manufacturer from liability for compensating victims.

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If you or a loved one suffered an injury because of a serious side effect of a dangerous or defective pharmaceutical product, talk to an attorney at Tinsman & Sciano, Inc., in San Antonio. Over more than 40 years, we have built our reputation by fighting on behalf of people who don't have a voice for justice against large corporate interests, including well-funded international pharmaceutical manufacturers.

Below is a partial list of defective drugs and medical devices that are known to cause serious injuries and side effects. Some have been recalled from the market; others have been or currently are the subject of litigation in cases throughout the United States:

  • Accutane acne treatment medication
  • Bextra arthritis pain medication
  • DePuy hip replacement orthopedic implants
  • FOSAMAX osteoporosis drugs
  • Ephedra dietary supplement
  • Ortho Evra birth control patch
  • OxyContin painkiller
  • Prempro hormone replacement therapy
  • Serzone depression treatment medication
  • Vioxx arthritis pain medication
  • Zyprexa anxiety and psychotic disorders medication

This is just a partial list of the dozens of medications and medical devices that currently are the subjects of voluntary or mandatory recalls. The manufacturers of many other medications have been required by the FDA to post a "black box" warning due to the medications' inherently dangerous characteristics. When prescribing physicians ignore these "black box" warnings and cause their patients to suffer serious injury or death due to improper use of the medications, the victims of such negligence have a legal remedy and should consult attorneys who are skilled in handling medical negligence and pharmaceutical products liability litigation.

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