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Whenever a person drinks alcohol and then gets behind the wheel of a car to drive, they put everyone on the road at serious risk.

If an accident involving a drunk driver has occurred and you or a family member has been injured as a result — you have the right to seek compensation for your losses. If the driver was over the legal limit and is charged with a DUI in connection with the crash — you may also seek punitive damages.

At the Law Offices of Tinsman & Sciano, we provide experienced legal representation on behalf of drunk driver accident victims and grieving families throughout south Texas. We have decades of experience with these types of cases, have had a great deal of previous success and are fully prepared to go to trial in seeking the maximum amount of compensation available under the law.

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Drinking and Driving and the Damage It Can Cause

Because drunk drivers are not in full command of their senses, their accidents tend to be some of the most violent collisions seen on our nation's roads and highways. Head-on collisions, T-bone intersection accidents — we have all read too many newspaper accounts of the families that have been destroyed and of the individuals who've suffered life-changing catastrophic injuries as a result of these wrongful acts.

Our lawyers have the resources it may take to hold all those responsible for the accident accountable. In representing you, we will act quickly to investigate the DUI crash so that important evidence can be preserved and so that potential witnesses both at the accident scene and at the place or places where that person had been drinking can be interviewed while their memories are still fresh.

If a fair settlement with any of the parties cannot be reached through negotiation, you can feel confident knowing that our attorneys will not only be prepared for trial, but that they have had a long history of success in that forum.

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If you and your family have been left struggling to deal with life in the aftermath of a DUI related crash — find out what our attorneys, our experience as a firm and our resources can do for you.

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