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In a second, a spark from a piece of electrical equipment, a stroke of lightning or a careless worker can set off a refinery fire that can burn for days and cause serious personal injury or death to anyone working in the vicinity. If you were injured, or lost a loved one in a refinery accident in Texas, you have a law firm that is ready to fight for your rights.

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Tinsman & Sciano, Inc., in San Antonio represents the rights of injured workers in oil fields, gas fields, offshore oil rigs and refineries throughout Texas. We have the experience and knowledge to handle complex legal issues of multi-party liability, third-party lawsuits, insurance litigation and jury trials. We are proud of our record of helping injured workers fight to protect their rights after life-changing injuries.

As an oil refinery worker, you face some of the most dangerous and challenging conditions in American industry. Some of the common types of dangerous work conditions you face include:

  • Worker fatigue from 12-hour shifts
  • Well fires and explosions
  • Failed blowout prevention
  • High seas in marine operations
  • Improper rig servicing and maintenance
  • Falling materials, pipe casing, drill equipment
  • Chain and hoist failures, rigging failures, failed safety features
  • Injuries from sliding tools
  • Rig jack-up injuries
  • Helicopter, airplane and water transport accidents

Serious Legal Representation for Serious Injuries

A catastrophic injury resulting from an oil refinery accident will have a life-changing impact on the injured worker and family members. Compensation for these injuries needs to accurately reflect their true cost to the victim over a lifetime. This can amount to a great deal of money. Recognizing that, corporate lawyers and insurers use two common tactics. The first is to make a low-ball settlement offer soon after the accident in the hope that the injured person or their family will want to put the whole thing behind them. The second is to avoid responsibility altogether by shifting the blame for the accident on the conduct of the injured person or their co-workers.

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