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A kitchen stove shouldn't tip over easily, right? In truth, you should be safe in making the assumption. After all, why would anyone design a stove or range that a small child could tip without even trying? A stove just shouldn't do that.

Unfortunately, as the families of the people who've been killed and hundreds of others who've been injured themselves can attest - manufacturers not only designed free-standing kitchen ranges and slide-in kitchen ranges that could easily tip over, they and the government have been aware of the range-tipping problem for decades. In spite of this, very little has been done to fix the problem.

Daniel Sciano is listed in Texas Super Lawyers® by Thomson Reuters, as published in Texas Monthly, in the area of Plaintiff Personal Injury: Product Liability from 2003-2016 and as one of the Top 50 Lawyers in the Central and West Texas Region in 2008, 2011-2016. He has been named as one of The Best Lawyers in America® Personal Injury Litigation category, 1995-2016. Additionally, Dan has been recognized by Thomson Reuters, as published in Texas Monthly, as one of the Top 100 Lawyers in Texas, 2013. Dan was also selected as the San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyer of the Year in Personal Injury Litigation in both 2010 and 2012 by the Best Lawyers in America®. Also awarded the San Antonio Trial Lawyers Association - Pat Maloney Sr. Courage Award - 2013.

"Manufacturers will not be absolved from product liability by these provisions in our opinions. They, and the standards organization, may even be more culpable for foisting an impractical and unenforceable solution on the public. The net effect is simply to spread liability to sales, installation and servicing agencies. Unfortunately, spreading liability does not dilute it, but simply makes litigation more attractive." G.F. Stenmetz

"We have a "No-Name" range in our lab, and have worked toward making it a "No-Tip, No-Name" range. One result of this work is to strengthen our conviction that external means are not needed and not desirable - from anyone's point of view - for free-standing ranges. Installers and servicing agencies should not be put into a position of monitoring stability at their risk whether in the standards or not. We also deplore any proliferation of various attachment means - one would never know what to expect." Mr. D. Dwight Dennis, Chairman of Baltimore Gas and Electric

"Design Concept For A "No Tip" Range Let the door come down gently Till it touches the floor Then the tip over range will Be no more." G.F. Stenmetz, Jr.

At the law office of Tinsman & Sciano, we are trying to do something about this problem by working to hold stove manufacturers, retailers, installers, building owners, maintenance companies and other negligent parties accountable for the harm they've caused. Our level of experience with kitchen burns caused by stove accidents is unmatched. In all, we have been involved in more than 100 cases nationwide.

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