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Because families themselves and relationship dynamics in general are complicated — it is practically impossible to create a "challenge-proof" estate plan. Instead, the general rule is this: If things can go wrong, they probably will.

Our firm has decades of experience with resolving inheritance disputes and with litigating these matters in the district and probate courts of south Texas, focusing on matters involving powers of attorney, trusts, wills and other legal instruments, on claims against executors and trustees, and on contested guardianships and conservatorships as well.

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Will Contests, a.k.a. Inheritance Disputes

In will contests — no two cases are ever alike and there is always something new under the sun. We bring invaluable experience with various issues that form the grounds for many inheritance disputes, including:

  • Signing a will in the hospital while under medication
  • The second wife takes it all and cuts out the kids from the first marriage
  • Wills changing everything at the last minute
  • Threatening behavior towards the person making the will
  • Bank account changes
  • Handwritten wills
  • Second wife shows up with a whole new set of kids, not known to the first
  • Wives in two countries
  • Wills giving it all to the pets
  • Unnatural dispositions cutting out the kids

Disputes Involving Trusts and/or Fiduciaries

Trusts are usually created to avoid taxes, to further charitable goals or to manage large sums of money (often for a minor but also for incapacitated adults, beloved pets and other beneficiaries). 

Abuses seen by our firm over the years include:

  • Situations where the trustee has managed the trust without the best interest of the beneficiary in mind
  • Situations where the trustee or a person with a Power of Attorney has stolen or misused money from the trust
  • When the trustee has committed fraud
  • When a trustee has made joint or survivorship designations on bank accounts, brokerage accounts, improperly placing property outside the will or trust upon death
  • When the trustee has simply made bad or unsuitable investments with trust funds.
  • When a person who has executive rights under an oil and gas lease makes an agreement for an inadequate bonus with an oil company.

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