San Antonio Probate Litigation Lawyers

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Texas Will and Trust Contest Attorneys

Our firm has handled numerous probate controversies over the years involving large sums of money. In most cases we take the matter on a contingent fee basis. Many of his cases are referred by other lawyers who draft wills or do estate planning, but do not handle litigation. (A lawyer who drafts a will can not represent a party in a will contest case that is filed because that lawyer will become a witness in the case.)

Types of probate cases we have handled are:

  • Will contests
  • Trust contests
  • Determining the beneficiaries where deceased does not have a valid will.
  • Life insurance beneficiary disputes
  • Joint account controversy over whether a bank account or a brokerage account is an account with right-of-survivorship and therefore not passing under a will.
  • Disputes over whether some property of deceased was community property or separate property.
  • Partition of real property, such as a ranch partition, between heirs.
  • Investments where there are life estate beneficiaries and remainder interest beneficiaries whose investments objectives are in conflict (immediate income v. growth over time).

The first consultation with us over any estate matter is free. There are certain time periods in which probate claims must be asserted, many of which are very short. If not timely asserted, the claims can be severely compromised or barred from being asserted. Therefore, if you think you have a claim, it is essential you consult a probate litigation attorney promptly after the deceased passes away.