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Car accident claims 1 life, causes injury in Texas

A Texas woman's life was cut short in a recent vehicle accident. Another person suffered serious injuries. The car accident occurred on a parkway near a park on a Sunday.

According to police, a Honda Civic was heading south on the parkway in the lanes going north. The car crashed into a Chevrolet pickup truck. The 83-year-old driver of the car died at the crash scene.

Alleged unsafe premises at hospital blamed for woman's fall

When a business in Texas is careless in maintaining its property conditions, a person visiting the property may end up getting hurt as a result. One woman in another state was hurt due to the claimed negligence of a hospital. She has filed a lawsuit against the hospital, alleging unsafe premises.

According to the woman's lawsuit, she was paying a visit to a friend at the hospital one day. While she was walking along a hallway at the hospital, she reportedly stepped in a liquid puddle on the floor. She claimed that the puddle caused her to experience a slip-and-fall accident.

Construction site accident leads to critical injuries to worker

Sometimes even the most careful employees in Texas may suffer harm in inherently hazardous workplace situations. One man in another state recently suffered serious injuries in a construction site accident. The accident occurred on a Thursday in early June.

According to authorities, the man, 47, was at a hospital work site. Suddenly, he fell from a scaffold, plummeting 60 feet, which is the same as three stories. The accident happened shortly before 10:45 a.m.

Car accident claims life of teen in Texas

A vehicle accident recently took the life of a teenager in Texas. In addition, two other people suffered injuries in the car accident. The crash occurred on a Sunday evening in late May.

According to police, two sedans were involved in the crash just before 7:30 p.m. The first vehicle was reportedly going west in the lane on the outside. That is when the driver of the second vehicle made a left-hand turn onto the street and entered the first car's path.

Workplace injury still relatively common in slaughterhouses

Based on a recent government report, today's slaughterhouses are safer to use than ones in the past. However, the government's data likely do not capture every risk that poultry and meat workers face in the United States, including in Texas. Officials said that workplace injury and illness are still relatively common.

Between 2004 and 2013, more than 150 poultry and meat workers passed away from workplace injuries. The injury rate associated with workers in the meat industry is greater than that of the remainder of the manufacturing field. However, meat-industry injuries have a significant chance of going underreported.

Medical malpractice claim filed following knee replacement

Surgeons in Texas are expected to exercise a reasonable degree of care during procedures, and, if they do not do this, they can be held financially responsible for any harm caused as a result. In another state, a woman has alleged that the knee replacement she received was performed negligently. She is seeking monetary damages as part of a medical malpractice suit.

The woman who filed the complaint claimed that a doctor did a knee replacement procedure on one of her knees. However, the procedure was reportedly not done properly. For instance, she said her knee replacement was not cemented appropriately.

Man suffers injuries in workplace accident at delicatessen

Sometimes an accident happens in a workplace in Texas due to a worker's mistake or even malfunctioning equipment. In either situation, an injury can occur that has not only physical but also financial consequences for the employee. In one out-of-state case, a delicatessen employee recently suffered injuries in a workplace accident.

The accident took place on a Sunday shortly after 7:24 a.m. Officials said the man, 60, was working at the kosher delicatessen and attempted to light a broiler fired by gas. The broiler suddenly flared up.

Premises liability suit filed against chiropractic office

Companies in Texas have obligations to make sure that their premises are safe before allowing customers to enter. However, in one case in another state, a chiropractic and wellness center is accused of failing to do this. A woman who claims she suffered permanent injuries as a result of the center's failure has filed a suit, alleging both premises liability and negligence.

According to her complaint, the woman was at the center when she slid off of a bed there. The slide allegedly caused the woman to scrape her foot, and her foot ended up swelling. In light of her injuries, the woman developed ulcers, which required surgery to correct.

Car accident leads to death of pedestrian

One family is reeling in grief following a crash that took the life of their loved one. The Texas car accident took place early in the morning on a Friday. According to police, the crash happened at a little past 6:20 a.m.

A pedestrian was struck by a car and was pronounced deceased at the crash scene. He was 63. Police reported that the pedestrian was not in an area that had been approved for pedestrians to walk across the street.

Construction site accident leads to worker's injuries

A workplace accident may happen even when employees in Texas attempt to exercise the greatest level of caution in the workplace. Unfortunately, one worker in another state recently suffered serious injuries in a construction site accident. The work-related accident took place at about 10 a.m. on a Tuesday.

The accident occurred when the man was working on a housing apartment for seniors. Specifically, he was erecting steel for this complex. The apartment was being constructed in the center of a town.

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