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Car accident leads to death of pedestrian

One family is reeling in grief following a crash that took the life of their loved one. The Texas car accident took place early in the morning on a Friday. According to police, the crash happened at a little past 6:20 a.m.

A pedestrian was struck by a car and was pronounced deceased at the crash scene. He was 63. Police reported that the pedestrian was not in an area that had been approved for pedestrians to walk across the street.

Construction site accident leads to worker's injuries

A workplace accident may happen even when employees in Texas attempt to exercise the greatest level of caution in the workplace. Unfortunately, one worker in another state recently suffered serious injuries in a construction site accident. The work-related accident took place at about 10 a.m. on a Tuesday.

The accident occurred when the man was working on a housing apartment for seniors. Specifically, he was erecting steel for this complex. The apartment was being constructed in the center of a town.

We believe that you deserve compensation for your brain injury

Public opinion of injuries and diseases that occur above the neck tend to be mostly negative. Victims who suffer from traumatic brain injury are often treated as though their injuries are less serious or significant than something more visible, such as a broken leg or arm. This is simply not the case, as Texas brain injury victims deserve the same help and legal recourse as victims of more visible injuries.

Brain injuries can be the result of many different types of accidents. While car and truck accident victims are certainly at risk for developing this type of dramatic injury, they are not the only ones. Workers in dangerous industries, pedestrians, medical malpractice victims and many others are also in danger.

Premises liability suit filed against Lowe's

When stores in Texas do not take care of their property and patrons become seriously injured, these stores may be held liable. In one out-of-state case, Lowe's Companies Inc. may have to pay punitive damages as part of a lawsuit that went to trial on a recent Wednesday. According to the premises liability suit, the company failed to remove standing water outside of the store, which caused a customer to fall and suffer serious injuries.

The female plaintiff claimed she fell at the store while looking at plants in the garden section outdoors. However, she reportedly fell on a substance that was slippery. As a result of her slip-and-fall accident, the woman suffered a significant neck and brain injury.

3 teens die, 1 injured in Texas car accident after spring break

A weekend crash tragically led to the loss of three teenagers' lives in Texas, leaving their loved ones and friends grieving. One other teenager was also injured in the collision. According to police, distracted driving is what led to the car accident due the driver using a mobile phone.

The crash took place on a Sunday afternoon. At about 2 p.m., four women were going north along Highway 77 near County Road 73. Their vehicle suddenly went to the left, and the vehicle's driver attempted to regain control of the automobile but ended up over-correcting. The vehicle thus entered oncoming traffic and crashed into an 18-wheeler. The truck driver suffered no injuries.

Distracted driving may lead to car wreck, lawsuit

Not paying attention while driving is a leading cause of vehicle accidents in the state of Texas. People who are injured due to another driver's carelessness have the right to seek financial accountability from the other driver. Likewise, the loved ones of people who have died in a car wreck due to distracted driving have the right to take legal action.

Driving behaviors that can easily result in a distracted-driving accident include not only using cellphones or other hand-held devices on the road, but also eating or drinking while driving. A driver may also cause an accident while carrying on an animated conversation with passengers or trying to perform a task not related to the safe operation of the vehicle. Texting is a particularly major problem among motorists today.

Work-related accident at refinery leads to burns to worker

People who are injured while at work in Texas may find themselves dealing with financial challenges in addition to their physical ones. One person in a different state was recently hurt at work due to a roaring fire. The work-related accident occurred at a refinery.

The fire erupted at about 10 a.m. on a Saturday in early March at a refining plant. The worker who was injured in the accident was taken to the hospital. He received treatment for his burns and ended up being released.

Post office blamed for woman's slip and fall accident

When a business in Texas is negligent and this negligence causes injury to a patron, the patron has the right to sue the establishment. One woman in a recent out-of-state case claimed she injured herself in a slip and fall accident while at a post office. She has since filed a premises liability lawsuit against the facility.

According to the woman's complaint, the woman was at the post office in February 2014. After she retrieved her mail, she began to walk back to her vehicle. All of a sudden, she ended up slipping and falling on ice located in the facility's parking lot.

Car accident claims 4 lives in Texas

Four people recently lost their lives in a tragic Texas crash. The car accident took place along Interstate 35. It happened on a Friday morning.

Police said authorities received a call about a vehicle that was heading south in the northbound lanes of the Interstate. Police rushed to the scene to intervene. However, the driver of the southbound car -- a college student who is 22 years old -- had reportedly collided with both a truck and a minivan.

Sears store wins premises liability case

Facility owners in Texas who fail to properly keep up their properties may be held liable if their negligence causes injuries to other individuals. In one out-of-state case, a woman filed a lawsuit against Sears Roebuck Inc., alleging that the company's carelessness caused her to suffer injuries in a slip-and-fall accident. Sears recently won the premises liability suit.

The woman, who was 75 when the alleged slip-and-fall accident occurred, visited a Sears store to buy clothing items one day. She claimed that, after shopping for half an hour, she entered a fitting room for women and hung three items on a rack. As she was taking off her clothes, the woman reportedly fell to the floor and hurt her hip, left arm and shoulder. The woman asserted that she saw nothing on the floor prior to her fall or after the fall. She is said to have reported the fall to multiple Sears store workers; however, these employees observed nothing on the floor of the fitting room, and photos of the floor were taken.

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