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Alleged wrong-way drunk driver kills mother and children in Texas

Whenever a vehicle is involved in an accident, questions arise as to the cause. Sometimes an accident is just that: an accident. There appears to be nothing intentional behind it, and nothing that could have been done to have prevented it.

On other occasions however, the facts will indicate the possibility that, but for one or more acts of negligence on the part of a driver, the accident need not have taken place. A possible example of the latter circumstance happened in a two-vehicle accident in Texas that killed a mother and her two children. Only the father survived the accident. 

Hit-and-run accident in San Antonio injures man

A man recently suffered serious injuries when he was struck by a hit-and-run driver in San Antonio, Texas.

The pedestrian accident occurred just after midnight on the Fourth of July. The victim was hospitalized in critical condition. Police are looking for the driver of a truck or SUV, which apparently suffered front end damage. 

Reality show contestant killed in tragic workplace accident

Everyworkplace injury or death is an upsetting circumstance that can cause pain and suffering for victims and their families. Residents in San Antonio, Texas, who have been the victims of a workplace accident, may want to consider consulting with an attorney who may offer legal advice.

Workplace accidents that result in death can be overwhelming for the families of those involved. An attorney may be able to alleviate some of the immediate concerns for a victim’s loved ones, while they cope with their loss. The family of one man who was recently killed on the job may be considering their legal options after a catastrophic train accident.

Monkey bites lead to lawsuit in Texas

Property owners are expected to take the necessary steps to ensure their premises are safe for residents and visitors. If unsafe conditions exist and are not removed or people are not warned of their presence, the property owner can be held liable for any injuries that a person suffers as a result.

For example, a woman recently filed a lawsuit against Moody Gardens, a Texas attraction and amusement park. According to the lawsuit, the woman was enjoying a day visiting a rainforest section of the park when she was unexpectedly attacked and bitten by two of the monkeys. 

Head-on collision in Kaufman County results in 2 deaths

When an accident occurs on the road, it can often be easy to assume that contributing factors like alcohol or drugs were involved. Many times the individual responsible for the car wreck, however, is not under the influence. There are other potential factors – for example, distracted driving. Today, many people overlook the dangers of distractions while driving such as texting, eating, or changing channels on the radio.

If you or a loved one has been involved in a multi-car auto accident, and you believe that the other party is at fault, you may be able to seek compensation for medical expenses and other damages. It is important to speak with a legal professional who may be able help you with your claims and explain all of your options.  

Android app aims to reduce texting while driving

Texting while driving and other cellphone distractions have been known to cause car accidents in Texas. A new mobile application recently formatted for Android devices offers one possible way to prevent texting while driving, and may thereby reduce the number of serious motor vehicle accidents that arise from distracted driving, which costs more than $40 billion annually nationwide.

But, while such technology may help drivers avoid the temptation to text and drive, it is still not a substitute for sound judgment behind the wheel. 

Texas automobile accident leaves 4 dead

The roads of Texas can be dangerous places. Driving is an inherently dangerous activity, especially when the road surfaces are degraded by weather conditions. Unfortunately, a recent car accident illustrated this fact when four people were killed in a multi-car accident on wet roads.

A sport utility vehicle heading southbound on Highway 77 lost traction after encountering slippery road conditions due to recent rainfall. The vehicle then slid into the lane of oncoming traffic and struck another vehicle. Early reports indicate that a third car may have also been involved in the accident, but what is known for certain is that four people died at the scene and another was rushed to an area hospital.

Texas man misses wedding; later identified as accident fatality

Sometimes the cause of a car accident is readily apparent, such as in situations involving drunk driving, texting while driving, or excessive speed. Other times, accidents require much investigating to determine the cause, such as tragic crashes where both drivers are killed and there are no witnesses. However, the circumstances of a recent fatal head-on collision between a Chevy Silverado and a tractor-trailer are mysterious in a completely different way.

Prior to the motor vehicle accident, the now-deceased driver of the Chevy truck had been missing for several days after he failed to appear at the wedding of his daughter in New Braunfels.

Brain injury case results in $2 million settlement

An accident of any kind can have traumatic effects on a victim and his or her family. However, in a serious case such as one involving a brain injury, the outcome is often tragic. The brain controls the body’s movement, speech and senses, and the impact of a collision or fall can cause an intense effect on the brain.

These injuries may require rehabilitation, including physical and speech therapy, but they can even cause irreversible, permanent disabilities depending on the severity. All of these factors result in not only an emotional expense, but also significant medical expenses.

San Antonio train and auto accident does not end in tragedy

Whenever a train and a car meet, the outcome can be devastating. Stories of train and car collisions often include loss of life or other serious injuries. Refreshingly, however, one such car wreck that occurred in San Antonio recently did not have a tragic ending.

A San Antonio girl celebrating her 16th birthday with her friends in a limousine were the victims of the frightening accident. The wheels of their limousine got stuck in railroad tracks, immobilizing it. When a train approached, the safety arms came down, trapping the vehicle between them. All of the passengers and the driver were able to exit the vehicle before the oncoming train barreled into the limousine and no one was injured. 

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