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2 kids die, 1 injured in motor vehicle accident

A recent crash in Texas recently left two kids dead. Meanwhile, a third child was left clinging to life at a hospital. The motor vehicle accident happened on a Saturday evening.

The collision took place along Highway 380 in Denton County at about 6:30 p.m. It occurred when a pickup truck sped through a red light. The truck then collided with the back of a minivan.

Work-related accident at mining company leads to injuries

A workplace accident that takes just a few second to occur may end up leading to extensive injuries for an individual in Texas. One employee in another state, a contract worker, recently suffered injuries in a work-related accident. The accident occurred on a Wednesday.

The mining company where the accident happened had purchased a couple of new haul trucks in 2015 along with two additional ones this year. An employee was trying to assemble one of the haul trucks on the mining company's property. However, the worker suffered injuries during the assembly process. Authorities said the workplace accident happened around 10:30 a.m.

Motor vehicle accident claims 3 lives in Texas

Three young individuals died in a tragic vehicle accident in Texas recently. The motor vehicle accident happened on a Saturday night. It occurred on the President George Bush Turnpike.

According to police, one individual was driving a Chevrolet Tahoe on the turnpike. All of a sudden, the sport utility vehicle swerved in an effort to avoid colliding with the traffic ahead. The vehicle ended up tumbling out of control and barreled through traffic. It then hit another car, rolled off the turnpike and plunged more than 60 feet below, landing in a parking lot.

Breast implant surgeon accused of medical negligence

When doctors do surgeries on patients in Texas, their patients naturally trust that their doctors have their best interests at heart and will complete the operations competently. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. One doctor in another state was recently accused of medical negligence while performing breast implant surgeries on several patients.

The doctor, who has been practicing for 39 years, is being sued for medical malpractice. After one lawsuit was filed against the breast implant surgeon by an attorney representing four previous patients, over 160 calls were made to the attorney filing the suit complaining about the surgeon's service. This is in spite of the fact that the doctor has some glowing remarks by patients on his website.

Work-related accident involving boiler explosion causes injuries

When people are hurt on the job in Texas, the physical problems they experience can end up also causing financial problems. Fortunately, workers' compensation insurance exists to financially help people who have been injured on the job. In one recent out-of-state case, a maintenance technician suffered severe injuries in a work-related accident at a church.

The accident took place when a boiler exploded; the boiler was being worked on when something failed, leading to the explosion. The technician was taken to the intensive care unit of a medical center after sustaining many severe fractures to the face. The accident also caused a fracture to the man's sternum and spinal fractures as well as a deep cut on his right leg, which also required surgery. The accident also caused his cerebrospinal fluid to leak, a problem that required brain surgery to address. The man was still in the hospital at last report.

Alleged unsafe premises at Captain D's leads to liability suit

Hazardous business property conditions can easily cause a customer in Texas to suffer major injuries that can have long-term consequences. One woman in another state said she injured herself as a result of unsafe premises at a business. She has thus filed a premises liability lawsuit against the company, seeking damages.

The woman said she was at a Captain D's restaurant one day. All of a sudden, she stepped on ice. She reportedly lost her footing and fell as a result of the restaurant's icy parking lot and sidewalk.

1 dies in car wreck in Texas

A recent vehicle crash snatched the life of one woman in Texas. The accident took place on a Saturday evening. One man has been arrested in connection with the car wreck.

Police said at around 6:15 p.m., a 30-year-old man was speeding while going west in a vehicle. It is possible he was racing the person driving another vehicle. All of a sudden, the man lost control of his vehicle and hit a third car.

Family believes hospital negligence led to woman's death

When faced with a stay in the hospital, the vast majority of patients in Texas typically hope for as short and uneventful of a stay as possible. Unfortunately, doctor errors, hospital negligence and other instances of medical malpractice are not as uncommon as some people would hope, and can cause severe injuries and suffering that can drastically extend the time spent in the hospital. For one out-of-state family, a series of medical errors not only extended a loved one's stay but also led to her death.

According to the patient's daughter, the 64-year-old woman was an otherwise active individual with few health problems prior to entering the hospital. The stay in the hospital was prompted by a series of seizures, and doctors assured her that she would only have to stay until the medicine began to take effect. Before she could be discharged, a fall from her bed sparked the first of many medical errors.

Texas dentists settle medical malpractice claims

Recently, four Bexar County dentists reached confidential settlements agreements with about 100 patients. The patients had filed medical malpractice claims against the dentists, alleging that the dentists performed unnecessary treatments. All four of the dentists who settled the claims worked for a chain of dental offices called the Smile Center.

The patients accused the Smile Center dentists of performing unnecessary and excessive treatments on children. The treatments were then billed to Medicaid. One of the dentists was also accused of engaging in a scheme to both misdiagnose and over-treat children who were covered by Medicaid. From 2008 to 2010, the Smile Center apparently received $28.5 million in Medicaid payments.

Trying to find a solution to the distracted driving accident

A car accident can be caused by a number of things with negligent conduct on the part of a motor vehicle operator being one of them. The distracted driver whose texting and driving could cause a car accident, the drunk driver who gets behind the wheel of a car and crashes into a pedestrian causing pain and suffering or the truck crash caused by a fatigued truck driver are just a small sampling of the things that can cause a car collision.

Making it impossible for anyone to be texting and driving was the goal behind one man’s invention. His device plugs into a car’s electronic system and blocks incoming or outgoing texts and emails. The developer claims the device will go a long way toward ending one of the leading causes of a distracted driving accident.

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