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OSHA cites Texas recycling company for health and safety offenses

Many Texan workers are able to thrive in a workplace where they feel they are appreciated, safe, and healthy. However, some workers in Texas have jobs that require them to complete high-risk duties and potentially expose them to dangerous materials. This can put workers at risk of experiencing severe injury and illness hazards.

When an employer does not make sufficient efforts to maintain a safe environment for workers, these workers are placed in a position where the possibility of a workplace injury on the job is even more probable. 

San Antonio boy in critical condition after pedestrian accident

A 17-year-old San Antonio boy suffered serious injuries after he was hit by an semi-truck, dragged 30 to 40 feet, and pinned underneath the truck until rescue crews were able to free him.  

The tragic pedestrian accident occurred in northwest San Antonio in the early morning while the teen was walking to school. The boy was only a few blocks from the high school where the he is currently a junior. Another student stopped to offer him a car ride for the rest of the way. While crossing the street to get into his friend’s car, the boy was struck by an oncoming 18-wheeler. The driver of the truck veered away in an unsuccessful attempt to avoid hitting the boy, which caused the truck to also hit another vehicle right before the victim.  

Road rage causes fatal car wreck in San Antonio

Road rage is a well-known phenomenon. It happens when a driver becomes angry at another driver for a real or imagined slight; but, sometimes drivers are just mad about traffic conditions in general. The driver then starts to drive aggressively. He or she uses the vehicle as a weapon or instrument of intimidation rather than its intended use as a simple mode of transportation.

The driver may lose all sense of caution and consequence. Unfortunately, such negligent drivers often inflict serious injury or even death. This appears to have been the case in a recent fatal head-on collision in San Antonio.

Capital murder charge for driver after Texas festival tragedy

For the past 28 years, musicians, music industry people, and music fans have traveled from all over the world to attend the SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. This year there was a heinous, fatal motor vehicle accident there that made headlines across the country.

A 21-year-old aspiring rapper was attending the festival to try to further his music career. He made headlines, but not for his music. The defendant is accused of allegedly driving a car into the festival crowd in what proved to become one of the most horrendous pedestrian accidents in recent history.

Both oil field profits and oil field injuries are high in Texas

The oil and gas boom has allowed the Texas economy to hum along, barely touched by the widespread economic crisis that plagued the nation for the past several years. This is certainly something for which to be thankful. However, as has been recently reported, oil and gas workers may be paying a high price for this in the form of oil field accidents.

The year 2012 was a particularly tragic year for workplace accidents in the oil industry. During that year in Texas alone, 65 oil and gas workers died, 79 lost limbs, 82 were crushed, 92 were burned, and 675 broke bones.

Ride manufacturer and Six Flags argue over cause of death at park

Many visitors to amusement parks go for the excitement of the rides. But they also expect the park to ensure that the rides are safe. Now the manufacturers of a ride and Six Flags over Texas are arguing over responsibility for an amusement park accident that claimed a woman’s life in 2013.

The death took place while the 52-year-old woman was riding a rollercoaster called the Texas Giant.  One argument between the manufacturer and the park is that Six Flags specified that they wanted no seatbelts on the ride. Six Flags says that the manufacturer assured them that the ride would be safe without seatbelts. The manufacturer claims that Six Flags was involved in the design of the ride.

Super Bowl worker suffers loss of hearing in workplace accident

A worker who was injured in 2011 while setting up equipment for Super Bowl XLV in Texas is suing multiple parties, including the stadium architects and the NFL. He is looking to recover compensation for the accident. The injured worker alleges that he was never warned about the dangers at the stadium due to snow and falling ice.

The worker was injured on the job when he was directed to an alternate exit because the normal one was closed due to potential weather-related dangers. Moments later ice and a sheet of snow slid off the roof of the stadium and hit him. He said that the snow was the size of a baseball field.  He sustained a fractured skull and hearing damage due to the reportedly unsafe working conditions.

Misdiagnosed playground injury leads to medical malpractice claim

Everyone expects children to get bumps and bruises on the playground.  But sometimes these injuries deserve a closer inspection.  A 6-year-old Dallas boy who ran into a pole on the playground, which ultimately led to his death, may have been misdiagnosed on his initial visit to a hospital, leading to his death. The parents have now filed a medical malpractice claim.

Shortly after the injury occurred they rushed their son to the hospital where they were told that he was constipated and he was subsequently sent home. Just four hours later, the child started losing consciousness and the parents called an ambulance. The boy died while heading back to the hospital.

Texas surgeon faces medical malpractice claims

When someone needs surgery, one of the big decisions they have to make is what hospital and surgeon to use for the surgery. In some cases, the decision is seemingly easy when the patient hears about a surgeon who is considered to be one of the best. For patients at Baylor Plano, the decision to trust a hospital surgeon who billed himself as one of the most accomplished spine surgeons in North Texas turned out to be life-changing.

Two patients allege that the hospital allowed the surgeon to operate on patients even though he never should have been given credentials. They allege that he was mentally ill, a drug addict, an alcoholic, an egomaniac or a combination of those. It is alleged that the doctor caused paralysis, as well as death.

18 patients might have been exposed to brain disease at hospital

Texas residents should not have to worry about getting sick as the result of going to a hospital. Unfortunately, this does sometimes happen due to medical errors, hospital negligence, and other issues. People in San Antonio may have read or heard about a very serious disease that may have spread in a hospital in North Carolina, due to poorly sterilized surgical tools.

According to CNN, 18 patients who underwent neurosurgery may have been exposed to Creutzfeldt-Jakob, a traumatic brain disease. The hospital has reported that an operation was performed on a patient with the incurable brain illness, and that surgical instruments used on this patient were not sufficiently sterilized after the procedure. They were then used on 18 other patients. 

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