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Working Interest Dispute Attorneys Serving McAllen, Houston, and Other Areas

Underlying most oil and gas-related disputes are two bodies of law: Property law and contract law. Disputes involving the rights and obligations of the parties involved can be complex and difficult to resolve. Making matters worse is the fact that in most such disputes, there is a huge disparity of resources between the landowners and their corporate counterparts.

Oil and Gas Dispute Attorneys

Attorneys at Tinsman & Sciano, Inc., have litigated against many of the major oil and gas companies, and have advocated for the rights of royalty owners and landowners with working interests at stake. In these matters, we frequently represent smaller companies and individuals in south Texas who do not have the resources to battle large corporations.

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Common Issues

Decades of experience with handling these cases have made us familiar with virtually every type of abuse and bad faith an oil or gas company can commit. Stakeholders in upstream oil and gas production and marketing routinely suffer from revenue underpayments because oil and gas producers fail to follow the law, enriching themselves at the expense of the stakeholders. Some of the more common problems that can unlawfully reduce royalties we've seen include:

  • We evaluate issues in the Eagle Ford Shale
  • Padded production costs (excessive pipeline charges or plant charges)
  • Using subsidiaries to purchase gas for resale at the wellhead
  • Pooling
  • Calculating oil and gas royalty payments on the basis of market price rather than market value
  • Failing to develop the lease or ceasing production altogether
  • Taking a "one size fits all" approach (the lease says one thing; the corporate accounting department does it their way.)
  • Misallocating products

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